Friday, February 28, 2014

The Anvil Heart Heist

At the center of every Dwarf city, their greatest treasures are collected in what's known as the Heart Vault.

Anvil's Heart is most impressive, being the second largest Dwarf city and the only city outsiders are allowed to visit. Inside the heart are several of the clerics of Yrd, moved during the ongoing construction of the Undermarch.

Those seeking to plunder the riches of Anvil's Heart must contest with three major hurdles.

Hearthearth Hall: Some might classify the central building of Anvil as a tamed, living dungeon. The building can reshape itself in its own defense and turn any hallway into a deadly, trap-filled obstacle.

Rgns's Vault: The great Yrd cleric of the 10th age constructed the vault himself.

The Plunder: Thousands of gold pieces and 500-pound stone statues aren't easy to move

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Agents of an Icon - Patchwork Friars

Though the Priestess works in mysterious ways, she's smart enough to have a good organization on the ground. It's nice to have clerics and paladins who can touch the powers of the divine, but those are specialized resources can't help everyone. Plenty of people have faith in the Goddess even if they don't have the whiz-bang ability to seal bleeding wounds with glowing hands. Those who have faith if not power join the Patchwork Friars.

The Friars get their name from their hand-sewn robes. Those who enter her service as friars show this by wearing coats of many colors. The tradition is the coat is made from a scrap of fabric from each family in the community, given to the Friar to stitch together during a period of meditation and sanctification. Richer parishes feature lavish coats stitched together by seamstresses. The Friar should be able to tell a story about each patch on the robe and use it to spin some homey wisdom about the Gods of Light.

The Priestess restricts a few colors. Besides the unfortunate associations with the Puritan, white is restricted to those followers of the Goddess who do have the touch of divine power. A Friar may incorporate white into a design if they are gifted with divine power or if they encounter someone who does. A white patch over a rip caused by a spear hit fighting along side a paladin is perfectly acceptable. Gold is frowned upon too, both for its connection to the Great Gold Wyrm and it's financial connotations.

Friar Dar serves as the Friar for the lands of Harker's Keep. He was one of the few to stand up to the excesses of Abbadon Company and only his faith in his Goddess kept him from bleeding out on a chapel's floor. Now he organizes the resistance efforts, while the Dragon Squires rub elbows with the big players in the area.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Magic Items - Hellgloves and Helmet of Stone's Patience

My players got some good loot after their first battles with Abbadon Company. Let's take a look at what they got.


Courtesy of
Crafted from the skin of a demon's hands. Each glove has a gem bathed in the fires of a hellhole embedded in each palm. (Diabolist)

(Recharge 11+) Once per battle, you may increase the die of an attack dealing fire damage up to a d12. You take the damage rolled on the increased dice. Quirk: Your hands are always ice cold.

Helmet of Stone's Patience

Found in the sanctuary where Friar Dar was held. When active, the tassels form the Preistess's symbol.

(Recharge 6+) At the beginning of the a battle, you may choose to go last. If you do so, the escalation die increases by one at the beginning of your turn rather then at the end.  Quirk: It's never a simple yes or no answer with you.