Friday, January 3, 2014

Magic Items - Hellgloves and Helmet of Stone's Patience

My players got some good loot after their first battles with Abbadon Company. Let's take a look at what they got.


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Crafted from the skin of a demon's hands. Each glove has a gem bathed in the fires of a hellhole embedded in each palm. (Diabolist)

(Recharge 11+) Once per battle, you may increase the die of an attack dealing fire damage up to a d12. You take the damage rolled on the increased dice. Quirk: Your hands are always ice cold.

Helmet of Stone's Patience

Found in the sanctuary where Friar Dar was held. When active, the tassels form the Preistess's symbol.

(Recharge 6+) At the beginning of the a battle, you may choose to go last. If you do so, the escalation die increases by one at the beginning of your turn rather then at the end.  Quirk: It's never a simple yes or no answer with you.

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