Friday, February 28, 2014

The Anvil Heart Heist

At the center of every Dwarf city, their greatest treasures are collected in what's known as the Heart Vault.

Anvil's Heart is most impressive, being the second largest Dwarf city and the only city outsiders are allowed to visit. Inside the heart are several of the clerics of Yrd, moved during the ongoing construction of the Undermarch.

Those seeking to plunder the riches of Anvil's Heart must contest with three major hurdles.

Hearthearth Hall: Some might classify the central building of Anvil as a tamed, living dungeon. The building can reshape itself in its own defense and turn any hallway into a deadly, trap-filled obstacle.

Rgns's Vault: The great Yrd cleric of the 10th age constructed the vault himself.

The Plunder: Thousands of gold pieces and 500-pound stone statues aren't easy to move

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